Spectacular: Antarctica Expedition in High-Speed

By in Ancient Artifacts, Random, Star Travel on January 19, 2011
Science Fact

Experience what it might be like to go on an expedition to Antarctica through this amazing video journey.

Watch as they unpack an airplane, bolt it together, and fly it around. Apparently an An-2 Cub (worlds biggest biplane I believe)

That’s an An-2. Can fly on anything from diesel to piss and probably even after loosing a wing or two. Assembly with duct tape in field conditions is allegedly in the official manual under the heading “Normal operation procedures”.

Google translation of the video title:

RAE-54 on board the research vessel “Akademik Fedorov”
“RAE” being “Russian Antarctic Expedition”

Later I found these links posted by a commenter on Reddit:

Here’s a basic description of the expedition.

At 4min 30sec someone pointed out a what appeared to be a coffin. Here is a link that seems to confirm that, here’s where the coffin came from.

A remote and isolated place like Antarctica lends itself well to the mysterious. Only accessible by a relatively small number of people. It’s a great place to setup camp if you were an eccentric billionaire scientist.

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